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Throwaway Culture

Personal Project, 2020


The online dating scene makes us believe that we are living in the throwaway culture that relationships seem disposable and replaceable. After ending a relationship, most people would tell us that we have to forget and move on to the next one straight away; to erase the memories of that person; to not feel sad about the breakup...

Swiping is like going to a local supermarket, you can easily get your stuff once you run out of it or stock up your kitchen cupboard as much as you want cause there’s plenty. If the relationship doesn’t work out, that’s fine, move it on, throw it away, find someone “better”.. but should we also throw away the friendship part of the relationship or that also needs to go to trash as well? Are most modern relationships really that disposable?


When you can buy sex objects and love relationships as easy as shopping at your local supermarket


What I’ve bought since the rise of the digital era

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