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Quarantine 2020

Personal Project, 2020


Piste - Quarantine Boobs

When it’s already Day 100, you don’t wear a bra and lay on bed or sofa all day long, you feel like your boobs are starting pointing downward like a piste... 


Quarantine Lover

Dating in quarantine means seeing your current lover nonstop. If you are in a relationship during COVID, staying in, cooking together and making love nonstop are parts of the daily routine.
In modern dating culture, dating multiple people at one time before deciding to commit to “the one” is considered common. However, this new coronavirus dating culture has encouraged us to focus on one partner only because you aren’t able to meet new people online or in the physical world. The new dating pattern has also taken new relationships to the next level a lot quicker than usual. Although some of us might not be fully happy in the current relationship, but we want to feel stable and certain in this uncertain situation, we might as well stick with our quarantine lover for a while until things are totally back to normal...
If you have a quarantine lover, I do hope that you are happy and feel peaceful in your safe environment. P.S. Are we expecting a post-COVID baby boom soon since we’ve been stuck at home for so long...

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Quarantine Mood

Pickle in Different Stages - What is your current mood?

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