Shame Shame

Personal Project, 2019

"Shame Shame" series is based on my “Scenery” series that questions about media censorship when soft-porn imagery is so saturated in our media and also makes people wonder how human bodies are viewed in our modern society. Body is shameful! We have to hide"


My work has always been and still is playing with the caption and using food, scenery and different settings to add in the body party concept. In 2016 when I started my illustration career, Instagram removed one of my illustrations due to violating the Community Guidelines - no nudity, no sexual content. Days later, I reposted the same image but adding two birds on it and changed its caption to “Birds Flying to the Moon”. Surprisingly, it has been smooth sailing from there. I finally knew how to get passed Instagram’s ban and created a series of work, “Scenery” - merging body parts into a scenic picture.