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(Sexualised) Body Parts

Personal Project, 2022

(Sexualised) Body Parts

We are living in a hyper-sexualised society where we can’t disassociate body parts from sexual content. Sex can seem dirty to some, but what about our body parts? Can we start (de)sexualising them and look at them without shame and disgust? Is it even possible to separate sexualisation and our body parts? Do some of our body parts are more shameful than the others?


Weird Body Parts
In traditional Chinese culture, it is said that certain facial features bring good fortune or prosperity. Big earlobes, big nose and fat palms indicate wealth and thick lips display good communication skills.

Why is it appropriate to emphasise those body parts but the others are considered dirty and disgraceful? If we remove sexualisation from our body parts, can they ever be “normal” again?

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