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100% silk scarf (sericulture)

100cm x 100cm

Square design

Can be worn in multiple ways or hung as poster/ home decor!


Price in USD

100% silk scarf - "Familiar Objects" (Big)

  • Dry clean or hand wash ONLY with shampoo, shower gel or just water.

    Avoid using washing machine and laundry sanitiser.

    Real silk has a tendency to wrinkle. Fold, roll or hang your silk properly to prevent wrinkles.

    To get wrinkles out of your silk, you can hand-steam, iron or simply apply water on your silk and place it on a hanger.

  • Please allow 1-3 business days for dispatch.

    Shipped with tracking (tracking number will be provided).

    Packed with a white gift box and a bubble wrap envelope.


    4 USD for local shipping (Hong Kong SAR)

    6 USD for international shipping (worldwide)

    Free shipping on orders 180 USD or more

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