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LELO Sexual Health Survey

Commission Project, 2022

On the run up to World Sexual Health Day (4 Sept), LELO surveyed over 800 Hong Kong residents between the ages of 25-34 on sexual health and intimacy attitudes. It finds out that sex toys are still not widely accepted and sex is still a taboo in Hong Kong. The project's mission is to open up the conversation, reversing the stigma associated with exploring sexuality. PR Agency: PURPLE PR


Those who are using sex toys believe it improves their sex life and satisfies their needs. Majority of those using it are with their partners. Of those using toys - 48% are using toys solo, 70% are using it with a partner.


There is no culture in discussing the topic of sex with friends, close to half feel shame or fear of sharing their sexuality / sexual experiences. 53% rarely/never talk about sex with friends. Close to half (48%) of the respondents agreed that they felt ashamed to talk to others about sexuality/sexual experiences.. Also, close to half (47%) of the respondents agreed that they were afraid of sharing private sexual thoughts with their partner(s).


Living environment in Hong Kong directly impact sex lives. 84% agree that the small living quarters in a city like Hong Kong has a direct effect on the sex lives of its citizens


Men feel that orgasm is a required part of sex and climax, whether it be with a partner or for themselves. Women on other hand, 20% feel it is not necessary as part of sex, and 20% feel it is only needed for their partner – putting their partner’s pleasure first.


More than half of the population are NOT open to the use of sex toys (52%), with the propensity of those citing that they believe it’s perverted, they don’t understand how to use it, or they’re scared about their partner’s rejection.


Reference to burnout culture and the effects of the pandemic; tiredness, poor mental health and pandemic negatively impacting sex lives. Over 85% of surveyed agreed that a variety of lifestyle choices negatively impacted their sex life including body image, mental health, kids, past trauma, alcohol and substance use, etc.

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