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Rethink Femininity

Personal Project, 2021


Yin Yang

Feminine energy is not weak. We don’t need to be more masculine or diminish our femininity in order to feel strong and independent. In fact, both energies are equally powerful in a very different way.


Girly Girls

Pink has become an inappropriate colour for girls/ women. It is considered bad if you “still” think pink is a symbol of femininity. But when has the association with pink become so negative? Isn’t it just an example of internalised sexism that we think pink is shallow, weak and unintelligent because it’s “girly”?
When women wear menswear, it’s considered cool and edgy, but it’s totally the opposite when it’s the other way round. Does being a feminist mean that you have to stripe off your girliness and hold grudges against the mainstream girly stuff?


Gender Equality or Gender Equity?

It’s been forever since we’ve talked about gender inequality. Some may believe that equality means treating men and women exactly the same. But is it really a practical idea to have? Does “equality” mean “sameness”?

Everyone has a different starting point, and we all know men and women (or any gender) have different needs, gender issues and perceived gender roles whether you agree or not. Shouldn’t we try our best to promote equal rights and equal access to opportunities, and provide mentorship and support to some who don’t have the access to?


There’s a misguided idea that in order for women to have true gender equality, women have to be like men and distance themselves from their femininity. Why is it that female-typical traits are seen as inferior and considered lesser than male-typical traits? Are we challenging the true sexism or do we just want to keep feeding the idea to women that they have to constantly compete with men especially in the workplace while most traditional jobs were designed for men and both sexes are operating at different baselines…

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